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pre-vampirism lucian as a servant to a nobleman at 17yrs old


warm up scribbles


pirate queen rubi; terror of the indian seas.

a murderous cannibal whose single blood red eye struck fear into the hearts of sailors and pirates alike. with the strength and vitality of a bull elephant she could hurl cannons and take a barrage of bullets without so much as flinching. even her pet bird was said to be a ruthless man-eating demon.

rumored to have been brutally murdered by her crew in mutiny

aka lucian in the late 1700s

TURN that frown upside down


Shiemi Appreciation Week

Day 1: Time

shiemi grows up to be an extremely powerful tamer, so much so that she can summon a god

sketch for shiemi appreciation week entry


wanted to try drawing lucy in paswg style and gave up fff

also introducing her currently nameless pet indian ringneck; the reason why she has a ripped up ear



You Ain’t Got No Kind Of Feeling Inside